Friday, November 30, 2012

Reading thoughts, Dec 3

* Privacy in libraries is a very important thing. Your patron record is private; the information contained within cannot be released to anyone without a court order. There is a law in at least 40 states that requires the court order; most libraries, however, have that policy in place in their bylaws.
* The Patriot Act has tried to reduce the rights of libraries to keep their patron data private. Libraries have fought back again this.
* EPIC = Electronic Privacy Information Center; reports on news about data privacy and governmental spying. Formed to report on the Total (Terrorism) Information Awareness tracking system, which spies on citizens for the government. Clearly totally illegal, right? The TIA stuff?
* Even though people strive for privacy, it is mostly an illusion. There's a GPS in your car, your phone. Cookies track what you do on the internet. RFIDs pay your tolls, check out your books, buy your coffee. Unless you live off the grid, in the woods, possibly in a bunker - someone is probably watching you right now.

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