Friday, September 28, 2012

Reading thoughts, 10/1

*bibliographic software tool
*you can sort and format your references in several different ways
*create custom groups
*"online search" - search remote databases for articles from within Endnote
*"cite while you write" - key feature of Endnote.

Dublin Core:
*The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative is an international effort to foster a consensus across disciplines for discovery oriented description of diverse resources.
*RDF: stands for resource description framework, the metadata architecture for the web
*in a medium as big as the world wide web, you cannot rely on the shared cultural understanding of concepts of creditorship. Precision is a key facet of metadata.

*literally means "data about data"
*the construct has existed as long as humans have organized info, it's just digital now.
*content, context, structure
*metadata terms I've been using in Pitt Partners: VRA Core, ULAN, CCO, TGN, XML
*so it's very popular in the art history field
*no single standard that can describe all things
*crowdsourcing and user-generated metadata has started to arise
*metadata is not static, it will continue to accrue throughout the life of an object

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